Blueberry Pie

It’s blueberry season here in New Hampshire!  We haven’t been blueberry picking…yet.  But I did purchase two pints from a local farmer recently with thoughts of blueberry pie!

In pondering pie, I’ve come to the conclusion that people don’t make pies too often these days.  So, when one wants to find a really good pie recipe,  your best source is an old cookbook.  So I reached for this one on my cookbook shelf, “The New England Butt’ry Shelf Cookbook” (a butt’ry is New England speak for “pantry”), by Mary Mason Campbell and illustrated by Tasha Tudor.  I had fabulous results with the apple pie recipe from this book last autumn, so I felt pretty confident that the blueberry pie would not disappoint.  And indeed, the recipe starts out with the words, “Pride in blueberry pie is one or our sins.”  Oh my.  Well, it must be good then!  I enjoyed reading the recipe as it reminded me of old recipes from my grandmother.  Recipes that called for “half a teacup of sugar”, and the like.  This recipe mentioned turning the flame down in the oven, but didn’t tell you what temperature to turn it down to or how long to cook it once you did.

To the top I added my own touch by brushing the top lightly with a mixture of egg white whisked with water.  Then I sprinkled it evenly with granulated sugar and then again with a touch of large sugar crystals for crunch.

Mmm...the house smelled so good!

Blueberry season is one of the best times of year!


  1. Kate -
    Your pie looks wonderful! And I think you are right, not too many people make pies anymore. I wonder if the crust part seems too daunting? When I am in the mood for pie or one is requested for Sunday dessert, I feel sort of artistic putting those three or four ingredients together and it comes out pie dough - so satisfying! I have that recipe book, too - love just reading it AND, of course, Tasha Tudor's illustrations are the coziest, aren't they? Thank you for sharing your gift of photography and your love for homemaking - I am always encouraged and inspired when I visit you here. Thinking of you and your family and praying for you. - Esther in NJ

  2. Thank you so much for your prayers, Esther! Yes, I agree that Tasha Tudor's illustrations ARE the coziest! Just love her work!

    Maybe people do find crust daunting. Or maybe making pie is too time-consuming in our hurried society? Sometime I'll have to do a blog posting on crust!


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