Blueberry Picking

Yesterday, I went on a search for blueberries.  I was thinking that I’d just buy some already-picked ones from a farm stand.  But then I happened upon this blueberry farm and decided the price was right and I should just pick them!

I followed the dirt path back to the blueberry field.  The owners were so incredibly thoughtful towards their customers!  Inside. the self-serve shed was stocked with: sunscreen, bug spray, hand wipes, a scale, pen and paper, a mailbox for depositing your money, a clock (just in case you lose track of time while picking), and buckets lined with plastic bags that buckle around your waist for easy picking.  They thought of everything!

It was a beautiful summer day in New Hampshire!  The sun was warm, bordering on hot, but just when it was getting just a bit too warm, the sun would disappear behind a puffy white cloud for a moment, or a breeze would come rustling through the blueberry bushes refreshing me completely.  I picked two-handed (the advantage of having a bucket attached around the waist) for more than an hour until my bucket was full.  I weighed the berries on the scale in the shed…grand total = 8 pounds!

This morning I was making blueberry jam before eight o’clock!  Mmmm.  And then I froze cups and cups of them for future use in muffins, pancakes, bread, smoothies, and more.  One more batch of jam tomorrow, and I’m all done with blueberries for the summer.  Raspberries are next!

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