Visit to the Cape

We just got back from a very wet visit to Cape Cod.  We went down to spend time with a friend before he moves.  And while we had hoped to do some ocean kayaking and some paddleboarding, the weather altered those plans.  We were grateful that we had about an hour in the morning before the rain began, since we hadn’t explored the Cape since moving here.  So we headed out to Chatham (pronounced: chat-um).  First stop was the beach!  It was gorgeous even with the cold winds whipping and the clouds from the incoming tropical depression hiding the sun.

Trying not to look as cold as we really were.

The lighthouse at the U.S. Coast Guard Station at Chatham.

Some of the other sites of Chatham…
Now that’s a tree!

Exploring a couple of the shops in the quaint downtown area.

Window boxes spilling over with flowers.
It’s lupine season in New England, and their spiky blooms can be seen everywhere.  They look so beautiful when mixed with white wildflowers, or in this case a background of crushed oyster shells, a traditional Cape landscaping material for walks and driveways.
The beautiful, weathered-shingle architecture of the Cape.

At this point, it began to rain and photography became tricky,and apparently people-less, as everyone just rushed from building to car and back again for the rest of the day.  So no pictures of the guys rock climbing at the climbing gym, or of us all standing under a shelter and eating ice cream, or getting a tour of the Coast Guard base, or having dinner at the British Beer Company.  I did quickly snap the following sights for you though:
The Cape’s airport, which has a grass runway.
Here’s the trade sign of an antique store that Colette and I visited.
The antique store’s garden was beautiful even in the rain.
I hope you've enjoyed your brief, wet tour of Cape Cod.

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