Rotisserie Chicken in the Crockpot

Rainy day and a whole day at home to sew?  Seemed like the perfect day to pop something in the crockpot.  No recipe.  I just sort of made it up as I went.  I had two whole chickens and two crockpots.  The leftovers are going into pita pockets tomorrow night and salads the next.  For a rotisserie-like chicken in the crockpot…

Take two lemons and slice one in thin slices and the other in wedges.  Take two yellow onions and do the same.  Peel six large cloves of garlic.  Rinse a handful of fresh thyme.

Rinse chickens (4 1/2 to 5 1/2 lbs. each) and place in crockpots.  Into the cavities of the chickens, place the lemon and onion wedges, the garlic, and three or four sprigs of thyme.  Sprinkle the skin of the chickens with a generous amount of paprika, freshly cracked pepper, and smoked sea salt.

Arrange sliced onions and lemons and a few more sprigs of thyme on the top of the chickens.

Set crockpot to cook on low temperature for about 5 1/2 hours or until done.  Delicious!

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