Jam Deliciousness

A friend, because she is a sweetheart and my Etsy buddy, sent me a most generous congratulatory gift upon the opening of Jiggety Pig!  She had shipped to me a collection of four gourmet jams from Sunchowders Emporia on Etsy!  I had long been drooling over these beautiful jars of jam, handmade in small batches by Wendy Read.  So, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the box and found four jars…right there in my hands…in my very own house…to enjoy!

They are, from left to right: Pineapple Tangerine Jam, Raspberry Pepper Jam, Spiced Pear Butter, and Blueberry Basil Jam.

They came so beautifully labeled and with such pretty papers covering their lids, that for a couple days I just set them in the kitchen windowsill and admired their beauty.  And then I purchased a loaf of English Toasting Bread…sort of plain…not too much flavor, because I wanted the flavors of the jams to shine through.  And the next day for breakfast, I had myself a little tasting feast!  Oh my!  The deliciousness!  Such unique and fabulous flavor combinations!  I really can’t say enough about the freshness and expert blending of flavors in these jams!  Absolute jam perfection!

And the Raspberry Pepper Jam became a most delicious appetizer when paired with a cracker spread with some cream cheese!  Yum!

To visit Sunchowders Emporia on Etsy and see all of Wendy’s other jams, click here.  SO delicious!


  1. Oh Kate! This is so lovely of you :) I am so thrilled that you wrote about my jams and that you enjoyed them so much. I love to hear this and it makes all the hard work so worthwhile. Much love to you and continued success with Jiggety of course!

  2. You're most welcome, Wendy! Your jams really are THE best!


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