Baby Shower

Last weekend, Colette and I attended a baby shower for some friends who are expecting their third child and their first son!  Whole families were invited to this potluck and baby shower, and it was held at the town hall in a neighboring town.

The room was beautifully decorated with fresh flowers…all of which grow in abundance in everyone’s gardens this time of year.  No need to go to the florist when beauty abounds in your own yard!

Delicious food inside and delicious weather outside.  The view from this window looks out at the old town pound, a rock structure where stray animals would’ve been penned until their owner’s claimed them.

There was a small orchestra of young people who played music throughout the event, and the expectant parents even had their own waltz.

This is such a sweet family that’s been a great blessing to ours!  We can’t wait to meet their baby!

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