After the Rain

I love the rains of springtime and summer in New Hampshire!  When I lived in southern California, I thought that I knew the smell of rain. It smelled like wet concrete and blacktop.  And I knew the sound of rain too.  It made a pounding, drumming sound on the concrete and blacktop and roofs.  But the smell and sound of rain here is something different entirely!  The smell is lush, fresh, and earthy.  And the sound is the rustle-swish of the raindrops filtering down through the leaves on the trees.  Delicious!  It rained here yesterday, and everything was still damp and dripping this morning.
I had to run down to our little town gas station (which, by the way, has only two pumps and is only full-serve…at no extra charge) this morning, and on my way I passed this sweet, little shingled cape-style house.  It looked so peacefully beautiful surrounded by wet, green grass that I had to run home and get my camera to snap a picture to share with you.

And looking away from the house, was this beautiful scene of  old, New England stone walls and split rail fences.  Sometimes, during the summer, cows are pastured there.  Upon the land (the upper part) once sat the Presbyterian church in town, which sadly, burned to the ground (from a lightning strike, as I recall) more than a century ago.
In our own yard, the spring bulbs, daffodils, tulips, and grape hyacinth, have all died back now.  And the later-blooming spring flowers are just starting to make a showing!  The baptisia, or false-indigo, has just burst into full bloom in the last couple of days.
And the irises have just begun to bloom, except one funny one I have that insists on blooming in the autumn.  I love the color combination of this one.
The peony bushes, which I now have four of, are covered with their round flower buds.  I can hardly wait until these spring open, revealing their hundreds of petals!
Just another beautiful, rain-soaked day in New Hampshire!

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