Spring Walk

Last Sunday, Technohubby and I took a nice, long walk since it was such a beautiful spring day!  At the time, the trees looked like this…almost leaf-less, but just with leaf buds starting…but with the bout of very warm weather we’ve had this week, leaves are popping at an astounding rate!

Wow!  We spotted some impressive woodpecker work along the way!  That upper hole is about a foot long!

The fiddleheads are here!  Soon the forest floor will be lushly covered with them!

I love this pretty meadow!  I love it when it has fresh, green grass.  I love it when its tall grass is ready for haying.  I love it when the trees around it are adorned in autumn colors.  And I love it when it’s blanketed in white for the winter.

For those of you who’ve never visited New England in the winter or early spring but only in the lush green of summer, you might be shocked at the view through the woods.  It’s always surprising to see all the fallen trees that are hidden from view at other times, the result of ice storms, wind storms, simple rotting, and more.

A quintessential New England view…beautiful field, stone wall, colonial house.  I never tire of these scenes!

We saw this interesting sight…a tree that has grown around the cable that’s attached to it.

An old, shingled barn and the beautiful forsythia in a profuse display of yellow.

An historic, New England home.  Oftentimes, when you see a home here with two front doors, it means that it used to be used as a tavern, with one door for the tavern business and the other for the tavern owner’s family residence.  But, I heard that that is not the case with this one.

A well-built stone wall is a thing of beauty.

The view down at our town.

Walking homeward.

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