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Last summer, I was noting a bit of a deficit in the stock of food storage containers in my cupboards.  Too many broken.  Too many missing their lids.  Too many cracked lids.  It was time to stock up on some new ones.  I own almost no Tupperware, and in general don’t like to store our food in plastic containers.  So, I purchased four of these…three that were of a medium-size and one large.  They all have those snap and lock lids.  Once the lids are removed, they can be popped straight into the microwave to heat up leftovers.  But the unexpected and BEST part about them is how fresh they keep food!  I couldn’t be more pleased.  This cantaloupe?  Well, it’s been in there for over a week (maybe closer to two?), and is just as fresh today as the day I put it in there!  They get an A+ rating in my book!  Highly recommend!

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