Nantucket Homes

The homes on Nantucket are so unique.  They are historic.  They have charm or elegance.  They are family summer homes with names.  They have unique features.  Here’s a walking tour of the front doors of Nantucket.

I love to see what people name their homes and wonder how they came to settle on that particular name.

One of Nantucket’s more elegant inns is the Jared Coffin House, named for a prominent member of an old, Nantucket family.

I thought the "mailbox" at this home was quite unique.

It’s a very common sight to see beautiful sings painted with real gold.  This one bears the pineapple, the symbol of hospitality.

It’s fun to see the variety of door knockers on Nantucket.  In general, door knockers are much more common here in New England than in other parts of the country.  The style of this first one is what is known as a “classic New England door knocker”.

Many of the homes and inns on Nantucket are seasonal residences/businesses.  Most likely this is one, which had shutters over its front door, one blown open presumably by the storm with high winds that blew through a few days before we were there.  It has a great door knocker as well.

I love the varied styles of homes on the island.  Most are elegant or charming colonials, but there are some older, more rustic homes, and some Victorians as well.

An impressive entrance!

And last, but not least, is the entrance to the Atheneum, the public library on Nantucket.  It was standing on those steps, next to one of the tall, white columns, that I stood fifteen years ago and was just overwhelmed with a convicting feeling that I belonged in New England!  And here we are!  God is so graciously good!

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