Cool Aunt Points

Yesterday, I earned myself some “cool aunt points” when my niece and nephew received these from me.

Did you know that you can mail almost anything?  As long as you can affix postage to it and address it, you can mail it!  So, I took two empty plastic soda bottles, cleaned them, dried them, filled them with goodies, taped them very securely with packaging tape, addressed them, and sent them off to a couple of cute kids.    Some of the contents included: packages of Jelly Bellys, an inflatable globe, headbands, a nose flute (yes, such a thing does exist!), an octopus leg finger puppet, bouncy balls, a set of jacks, glow sticks, and more!


  1. What fun! I have always wondered about that, what exactly you can mail. I think it comes from hearing that Raffi song about mailing yourself with "stamps on top of your head" and such that has always made me curious!

  2. Haha! I've never heard of that song! That's adorable!

  3. About how much did that cost to mail?

    1. Great question! Unfortunately, I do not remember. Sorry.


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