Pre-Easter Breakfast

Walter, Felicity, and the kids are spending Easter Sunday with Walter's family, so today they came over to celebrate with us.  We all had breakfast together.

We rarely get to set the table fancy for breakfast, so it was really fun to do something different.
The menu was:
scrambled eggs (both plain and with spinach and chives)
croissants with butter and homemade plum jam
fresh berries
orange juice

Colette searched online for a tutorial in folding a napkin to look like a bunny, and then she diligently set to work.  She discovered that the trick is to iron each fold as you make them.

The breakfast table.  I love to do the Easter table in a white/brown/green color palette, because that’s exactly what our springtime world looks like…melting snow, brown earth, and (sometimes) the start of a little green here and there.  This year, Easter is a little early for much green outside, but we can imagine.

My sweet family!

Theo got to do his first Easter egg hunt, and he proved to be a pretty good hunter!  We did it indoors, since there is still so much snow on the ground.  Sometime, when all the grandkids are older, I think it’d be really fun to do one in the snow!

Melissa just sat there, looking adorable, and playing with the Peter Rabbit pull-toy.  Looking adorable is what she does best!

Happy Easter to you all!

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