Well, the big blizzard of 2013 came and went and dumped 30″ of snow at our house! Incredible! Here’s the sight that greeted my eyes when I came downstairs Saturday morning.

Just chillin’ on the deck. Who needs a chair?

It’s official at our house. Thirty inches!

Technohubby trudges off through the snow with a snow marker in his hand. The snow marker was a probe this day. He used it to probe for our mailbox, which disappeared in the night…a casualty of the snowplow. But he found it buried in a snowbank with mail still inside.

Making the first pass through with the snowblower. Five hours later it was all done (all four of us working together for two hours, and the guys finishing three more hours). Whew! That was a lot of snow!

Max dug a small snow cave. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but Technohubby was just starting to blast him with snow from the snowblower.

After shoveling the thirty inches of snow off the deck, the kids took turns jumping off into the huge pile.

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