Candle Dipping Day

Recently we had some friends over for a day of making beeswax candles. Fun, fun!

We set up outside, using the burner on the grill as our heat source for melting the wax. It was damp chilly that day, but we had hot cider to warm us! We talked about how this would be much warmer if we did it in a big kettle over an open fire. We really must get set up to do that someday!

Starting the dipping.

One dipping done!

Many more dippings to go!

Getting thicker!

Trimming the ends.


A good day’s work! I’m looking forward to burning these all winter!


  1. I can't imagine the patience that must take! We have the desire to try it, but have never taken the plunge. They're beautiful.

  2. The patience part is not the dipping. That goes relatively quickly. But it takes FOREVER for the wax to melt.


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