Seasonal Delights

Most Wednesdays, Felicity and the kids come to spend the day with us. Today, after lunch, we headed down to our favoirte farmstand to show Theo the pumpkins! It was a day filled with the fun delights of the season!

Theo loves pumpkins, and kept pointing to one pumpkin after another, saying “bum-puh” (translation: pumpkin).

That one, with the enormously long stem, came home with us. (As you might recall, with me…it’s ALL about the stem!) The clerk at the counter told me that it had been picked within the hour, and how he just “knew someone would buy it, because it has such a great stem!” It weighted in at a healthy 27 lbs.!

Some picture posing!

There's one happy face!

Then it was home and a little bit of impromptu leaf stomping with Auntie Colette!

I think he likes autumn!

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