Autumn Home Atmosphere

This is the fourth in a series of postings on how I think about the atmosphere of our home in a seasonal manner. If you’d like to read the other postings, just type “home atmosphere” in the search box, and they should pop right up.

In my mind, each season has an atmosphere all its own, and that atmosphere spills over to: the kitchen, touches of beauty and comfort, and our activities. Here is how I am thinking about this autumn:


Discipline. Routine. Harvest. Warmth.

The Kitchen:
-last of the grilling
-comfort foods

Touches of Beauty and Comfort:
-plaid blankets
-scented candles
-bowls of pumpkins and gourds
-mums in pots
-flannel sheets

-make to-do lists
-start school
-preserve the harvest
-dip beeswax candles
-walks in the crisp air
-do the Wool Arts Tour
-support the local farmers at the end of the season
-pick apples

1 comment:

  1. This is a delightful list. I adore this season for all the things you wrote.


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