Autumn Farmstand & Some Decorating Ideas

Autumn is in full-swing here in New Hampshire! Today, Technohubby had an orthopedic appointment in the charming town of Peterborough, so I tagged along with him…a lunch date promised at the end. And ohhhh…the drive there! SO beautiful! The swamp maples (always the first to turn color) are in full splendor! I wish I could’ve snapped pictures, but alas, raining, raining, raining today. I promise to start snapping pictures like crazy soon!

But earlier this week, when Colette and I were at the farmstand, the weather was beautiful. The farmstands are brimming with autumn’s bounty! This particular one just draws you in off the road with their piles of pumpkins, mums, and cornstalks. Everyone’s eager to take something home to make their home beautiful for the season. Here’s a glimpse of our favorite farmstand. And at the end, some ideas on how to decorate your own home for that classic New England autumn look.

Some decorating ideas for that quintessentially New England look:

- Keep it simple. Simple is good. Simple is often better. A single pumpkin on your doorstep looks sweet. Three ears of Indian corn tied together is a great decoration.

- Find some cornstalks, or a couple of bunches, and tie them together. Secure them to a lamp post, prop them in a corner of your porch, tie them to your mailbox post.

- Cut sprays of bittersweet to hang from your front door.  If you don't live where bittersweet grows, use the artificial kind.  From a distance, you'll never know the difference.

- Buy mums!

- Think color basics. Yellow and orange look great with purple (complementary colors). Set a pot of purple mums next to a pumpkin.

- Ornamental kale is very popular for autumn decorating in New England. It’s difficult to find if you live in a warmer climate in October, but you can usually find it by November.

Have fun! Enjoy autumn!

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