A New Home Project

It’s begun! Our first major home project since we moved here. Technohubby and Max are going to build a post-and-beam garden shed!!!! I am so thrilled!

Part of what thrills Technohubby about a new project is the new tools he needs to buy to do the project. It’s a guy thing. This project required him to sharpen his chisel set and purchase a huge, new chisel (“so sharp it will cut a hair”), mallet, and a draw knife. I don’t like sharp objects. To be honest, it’s sort of a phobia with me, so I avoid these tools and try not to think about them being used. I do feel a teensy bit proud of finding that draw knife at an antique store for him though.  He was happy, because a new one costs upwards of $100, and this one was a mere $20!  I try not to think about the blade. Just look at the beautiful patina on those wooden handles!

Yesterday, he brought home the first of the beams! Hemlock beams cut just for our project by the local sawmill. They are…well…HEAVY!

Stay tuned…for the next couple of years…for updates on the garden shed project!

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