Baby Shower

Today was Felicity’s baby shower!!!! The theme was honey bees, since Little Miss seems to be such a busy little bee in the womb!

The color scheme was pink (naturally) and honey and/or pale yellow.

Colette made a delicious raspberry lemonade! Yum!

The menu was:
-fruit platter
-vegetable platter with ranch dressing
-crackers and herb cheese spread
-assorted cheeses (dill havarti, tomato-basil cheddar, bleu cheese, and one-yr. aged Vermont cheddar)
-maple chicken salad on pumpernickel finger sandwiches
-cucumber finger sandwiches
-fancy cakes (thank you local bakery)
-raspberry lemonade
-citrus infused ice water

The dozen or so ladies who came showered Felicity with gifts! Even the weather got in the spirit of things…rain showers!

What will they think of next!?!? A retro baby swim cap! That’s wildly adorable!

And I knit this bitty baby cap for my first granddaughter!

I can't wait to meet her!


  1. That is an elegant table! Simple and beautiful. It looks like she had a wonderful shower

    May the Lord shower the Child and Parents with many blessings!

  2. awesome picture, i love it. Thanks for sharing nice and beautiful post with us. :)


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