Felicity and Theo came over for the day! They spend one day a week with us, much to our delight!

Theo is just as busy as a toddler can be! We call him “The Randomizer”. That is his job as a toddler. He randomizes every room. He picks up objects from one place, carries them around, and sets them down someplace else. And he runs from place to place. The pitter patter of little feet can be heard all over the house! LOVE that!

Here he is, running towards me, with the randomized objects in a trail spanning two rooms.

He also discovered that he could climb up in Pater’s chair and sit there as though he owned it!

Just look at that face!

And here’s my other grandbaby!

Just a few more weeks until the Little Miss arrives! My mom asked me if Theo understood about the new baby coming. I laughed and said, “Theo is too busy moving things from place to place and chasing the dogs around to know anything is happening!” Although today we heard him say “baby”. So cute!

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