Visit to the Museum of Fine Arts

Today we took our guest to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Here are some of the highlights from our visit:

The new cafe area, a great place for just hanging out, was dominated by this enormous, green glass sculpture. We estimate it was about 30-ft. tall.

Colette and her friend spent much time in the European Art galleries, where Colette snapped this picture.

We were thrilled to visit the newly expanded American art wing to the MFA. It’s so much bigger and houses so many more exhibits than it used to. The girls pose beneath a doorway from an old New England home.

She was tickled to see this portrait of one of her heroes (and mine), John Adams.

Colette dwarfed by the painting of Washington crossing the Delaware.

Silver made by Paul Revere!

A beautiful antique gown (and equally beautiful necklace) from the early 1800′s.

These portraits were of a married couple, and captivated me with their kind faces.

A close-up vignette from a larger portrait.

Another of my favorite paintings of the day.

Felicity, Colette, and Theo take a break (near the green, pointy glass thing).

By far, my favorite work of art of the day was this little, cheerful guy! It was his first visit to an art museum. He liked it!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice pics! The first one, the entrance-way, looks like a cathedral.

    The American art wing would be fun to see! love,andrea


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