Fun with a Guest

I’ve been an absent blogger for a few days (and likely for the next week or so) as Colette has a friend visiting, and we are having just too much fun!

Today, we drove over to Vermont, and the kids all hiked the Quechee Gorge (pronounced Kwee-chee). Getting ready to start out on their hike.

The gorge is known as “the Grand Canyon of New England”.

While it’s beautifully impressive, I can’t help but think that whoever gave it that name never saw the real Grand Canyon. But, beautiful it is!

As we were looking out at the gorge from the vantage point of the bridge, I pointed and said, “Oh look! There are people out there on that point!” And then I zoomed in with my big lens and said, “OH! Those are OUR people!” Their red, blue, and green shirts made them easy to identify. They spent their time down their skipping stones across the calm river.

Then we went to the Cabot Creamery shop for a little cheese tasting, and had a picnic dinner sitting here, on their front porch.

Then we moved on to Hanover, NH for a visit to Morano Gelato, said to be “the best gelato in America”. The girls heartily agree!

I chose that dark chocolate gelato. Yum! So custard-y and smooth, and not as heavy and filling as ice cream.

Our guest enjoyed her cone with a scoop of a coffee-flavored gelato and a scoop of hazelnut. That’s an Italian wafer cone…less sweet than a waffle cone, slightly thick, and very wafer-like.

Fun day!

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