Easter at Our House

We had a very blessed Easter Sunday praising God for his gift of salvation! We hope you did too!

Walter, Felicity, and Theo spent the day with Walter’s family. So it was a quiet afternoon at our home…quiet, but delicious! And I had a fun time setting and decorating the table.

I had seen an Easter centerpiece idea online, so I did my own take on it. I used a large, antique wash basin with a prickly wreath (symbolic of the crown of thorns), and in the center I placed yellow tulips (symbols of new life). Pretty, although it was difficult to see each other well.

I used my new linen, hem-stitched table runner…a true find at the thrift store…Williams-Sonoma tag still on it, but selling there for $3.99! Score! And did anyone else try those new coconut M&M’s this Easter? Yum!

This year we tried dyeing brown eggs from a local farm. (Their egg cartons have a tag attached that says, “From free-ranging, organically-fed, HAPPY chickens!”) We used food coloring to dye them, and got some really fabulous shades with the brown eggs.

A good day!


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