A Birthday Celebration

This week we celebrated Felicity’s birthday! The birthday girl requested a salad bar dinner with: green salad with all the toppings, her mother-in-law’s orzo salad, my fruit salad, and Colette’s baguettes and chocolate cake.

Colette did a masterful job on the cake…oh my! It was slathered in ganache, which was allowed to set before another softer layer of ganache was pooled up on top, dribbling down the sides just a tad, and crowned with fresh raspberries. Yum!

There were pink tulips!

Colette set the table.

Deluxe fruit salad, as requested.

The happy birthday girl!

For the greens part of the salad bar, we had: mixed field greens, baby spinach, chopped romaine, cucumber, grilled chicken, red bell pepper, green onions, cheddar cheese, grape tomatoes, red onion, toasted pecans, dried cranberries, parmesan cheese, onion crisps, croutons, bacon bits, black pepper, ranch dressing, Italian dressing, ceasar dressing, and raspberry-walnut dressing.

"Happy Birthday to you..."

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