Summer in Winter

Last summer I visited a local farm that does u-pick flowers (see this posting).  I bought an armload of flowers for a mere $12, and they’ve been hanging in the laundry/sewing room drying. I’ve been waiting for a snowy day to arrange them in vases. But alas, so little snow this winter. And it’s already February, so I decided that I just ought to get busy with the flowers. Today was the day!

I gathered various vases and vessels and all the flowers (just a few shown here).

What fun I had! I got six arrangments for my $12 investment and the beauty of bringing a touch of summer to our winter. This one is sitting in the sunny kitchen windowsill to cheer me as I work.

And the kitchen table got an arrangement made in a redware crock from Old Sturbridge Village.

A small bouquet in a silver basket sits on the laundry/sewing room windowsill.

And in our master bath, this bright little spot of color.

And Colette even had some fun putting together this pretty arrangement for her room.

Excellent flowers for dried arrangements include:
- globe amaranth
- statice
- blue salvia (looks like lavender)
- straw flowers
- cock’s comb

I’m definitely going flower gathering again this summer!


  1. Beautiful arrangements..I love the vibrant colors they bring to the corners of your home!


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