Change of Plans

Our plans are not God’s plans. This was abundantly clear last Friday. Technohubby took the day off to go skiing with the kids. I spent my usual quiet Friday sewing. About 1:00 p.m. the phone rang.  Technohubby had had a skiing accident.  A fall.  A ski that didn't release.  Ski patrol.  A tobaggon ride down the hill.  An ambulance ride to the hospital.  The diagnosis...a broken hip.  Surgery.  A hospital stay.  Crutches...for the next three months.

Life is moving pretty slowly now.  Yet the days are exhaustingly full.  The prognosis is good for a full recovery.  Praise God!

One loyal dog just wants to be close to his master, anyway he can.


  1. Oh my goodness. Prayers for your family during this recovery!

  2. Kate, prayers for your family! So thankful your husband is recovering well.

    Deb Meyers

  3. Oh No! Praying for an uneventful, quick and complete recovery. Sweet doggy!!!


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