Tutorial: Fresh Greens Table Decoration

Inspired by a photo I saw online, yet doing my own take on the idea, I created a fresh greens and candles table decoration for the family room coffee table. It was so simple to make and only took a few minutes. The online photo showed it made in an antique box. But antique boxes are ridiculously priced, I discovered. Instead, I used an antique basket that I bought for just $12.

To make this yourself, you will need some sort of vessel (box, basket, bowl), a plastic trash bag, green florist foam (the type that will hold water), and assorted fresh greens (trimmings from your Christmas tree will work, but a mixture will look best). You will also need some candle holders. The photo that inspired me used small canning jars. I’m a bit in love with mercury glass this Christmas, so I bought three mercury glass holders (slightly bigger than votive holders) at Target. You will need candles to fit your holders.

The first step is to line your basket (or other vessel) with the opened trash bag. This will protect the surface you set it on from getting wet.

Then fill your kitchen sink with water. Cut the green foam (with a kitchen knife) to fit your vessel. You will want to stack and cut it so that it comes nearly to the top of your vessel. Put the green foam in the sink to soak until it will absorb no more water.

Remove the foam from the water, allowing it to drip out any excess water. Then add the foam to your basket, making sure that it’s not going to leak water anywhere.

Push and screw the candle holders into the foam until they are secure.

Insert greens here and there into the wet foam (the water will keep them fresh) until you can’t see the foam. I used three types of pine and some holly in mine.

Fresh green table decoration in 10 minutes time. And fun too!

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