O Christmas Tree!

Christmas tree day!  Today we went to a tree farm, for the first time ever, and cut our own tree!  What fun!  We drove about a mile down a dirt road. Then we came to the single-lane road of the tree farm, winding through the woods and getting narrower and narrower, until it opened up to the area where the trees were grown.  We climbed the bumpy-as-a-washboard road to the top of the hill, parked, and began the hunt for this year's tree.

The view from the top of their field stretched for miles.

The dogs were happy for the outing too!

The tree!

Waiting at the bottom of the hill (by the silver truck and a table full of jugs of maple syrup he was selling) was the owner of the farm waiting to collect his $30.  Coming from southern California, where the price would've easily been $90 for this size tree, we were beyond thrilled!

Colette busied herself putting on the lights tonight.  This is a great job for her, because she has patience for things that drive me crazy...like cake decorating, untangling knots from skeins of yarn...and stringing Christmas lights.  Bless her heart!

And she does a great job too!  Last year we bought new lights...all white.  And we discovered that if you buy some lights that twinkle, some that don't, some that are warm white lights, some that are cool white lights, and some of those round lights...that the mix creates a very pretty effect.

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