Delights of the Last Week of the Year

Joys…simple and somewhat unexpected…have happened this week.

We had long, lazy, pajama-clad mornings of game playing. (The game was Settlers of Catan. Very fun!)

Max had a birthday! Waffles were requested for breakfast. We saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie in the afternoon. Then Walter, Felicity, and Theo came for dinner of Baked Potato Soup, dessert of chocolate cake and ice cream, and present opening.

Coming home from a mile-long walk, I discovered a large package by the back door. It was marked all over – “Fragile – Glass”. Oh my!!! Recognizing the label and daring to hope, I carefully but gleefully carried it inside. And I was right! Oh the joy! A whole gallon of the world’s BEST fresh-pressed apple cider! Apple heaven on earth! What fabulous friends we have! Sent all the way from California! Like a gallon of liquid gold! We are savoring every drop. I may be found attempting to lick out the empty jug once we’ve drained every precious drop.

And Thursday afternoon, we got an invitation to a spaghetti dinner with Mitt Romeny! We accepted, and last night we went. I haven’t decided who I’m voting for in the January 10th primary election, but I was curious to hear him speak. It was held at the V.F.W. in a nearby town.

LOTS of people were there.

But we did get to meet him, and shake his hand, and say “how nice to meet you”, and pose for a picture. Five of us posed for this picture…Mr. Romney and the four of us. Unfortunately, the complete stranger I handed my camera to to take the picture managed to get just this. Brilliant, eh?

Dinner was served and it was really delicious!

And so ends the last week of this year. A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

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