Decking the Halls

When it comes to Christmas decorating, I tend to do the same thing for a couple of years. Then I get restless and want to try something new. This year was one of those years. Also, since living in New England, I have developed a greater appreciation for the simple beauty of natural things, and so this year I wanted to incorporate more of the beauty of nature into our decorating. Here’s a glimpse around our home this Christmas.

The family room mantle was decorated with a mix of real and artificial greens, a strand of wooden beads, pewter pieces, candlesticks made from old wooden spools, beeswax candles, and oranges that Colette studded with cloves.

The front door with its wreath of fresh greens.

And this year, I discovered THESE! Guess what they are? They are rosehips! Yes, rosehips! In California (where I used to live), these are more like the size of a small kumquat and develop when you don’t cut your roses (but just let them die and fall off). In New England, they are tiny (pea-size), and I was told they grow on small, wild roses. I bought this bunch at a boutique-like booth in an antique store. The clerk who rang up my purchase bundled them up quite artfully in a piece of paper and tied it round with a bit of rafia. Another clerk said to me, “Believe it or not, she used to be a stylist for Martha Stewart!” True.  Now they grace my kitchen windowsill.

And then I went to the winter farmers’ market, and spotted a rosehip wreath. Honestly, I was sold at the sight of it, but the sweetly-written tag sealed the deal.

I love how it still has some of the green leaves clinging to the vines.

The stair bannister was decorated with fresh green garland. We love the colonial look it gives the stairs…straight out of “Little Women”, according to Colette.

Colette was inspired to make some garland from greens cut from our own woods! She made one especially to fit the space over my kitchen window.

Hanging from it are the molded, cinnamon-scented, beeswax ornaments I bought at Old Sturbridge Village a couple of years ago. I just adore these!

Lastly, a little spray of greens tied with a pretty ribbon on the bedpost, because bedrooms (especially the master bedroom) are the sadly neglected rooms in Christmas decorating, and this little touch makes me smile.


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