Christmas Plans

We awakened today to find snow!!! Not much. Just a dusting. And some of it melted. But we still have enough that it looks snowy, so we are thrilled! And it’s supposed to be cold tomorrow, so it shouldn’t melt anymore, and it’ll be around for Christmas day! Yay!

Tomorrow will be spent mostly indoors, not only because it’s only supposed to be 30 degrees, but because we’ve got lots of kitchen fun to create! Colette is going to make the trifle and the rolls. And she and Technohubby are going to run to the store for the potatoes I forgot to buy. And I’m going to prepare the egg casserole, potato casserole, and raspberry coffee cake for Christmas breakfast. (I made the cheeseball today.) And they’ll be some light dusting, some sweeping and vaccuming happening too. Then, about 5:00, we’re going to sit down to cheese fondue for dinner. And at 7:00, we’ll attend our church’s Christmas Eve service. It’s always so lovely! The handbell choir will play Christmas hymns. They’ll be an excellent sermon. And then we’ll all hold candles and sing “Silent Night”. Then we’ll come home and Colette and Max will open their Christmas Eve gifts.

On Christmas morning, Technohubby and I will be the first ones downstairs. I’ll put the egg casserole and the potato casserole in the oven, and then we’ll call Max and Colette down. They’ll open their “big gifts”. Then we’ll have a casual breakfast in the family room…all comfy and cozy. After that, we’ll get ready to go to church, since Christmas is on the Sabbath this year. What a joy to go worship with other believers on Christmas day! After church, Walter, Felicity, and Theo will come back with us for the day. Theo's first Christmas! We anticipate that he will like the wrapping and boxes the most. Felicity will be more than happy to eat breakfast leftovers. As she says, “I am here for the food!” (Quote from “Muppets’ Christmas Carol”.) Then we’ll all open presents together. I can’t wait to see how everyone likes their gifts! When present opening is over, the cheeseball and crackers will come out for a snack to keep hungry people happy while we make dinner. Dinner will be served on our Christmas Spode china, a collection that began as a wedding gift from my boss in college. Then there will be trifle. Yum! It will, Lord willing, be a very joyous Christmas day!

And a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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