Wool Art Tour - Part II

Continuing on the Wool Arts Tour, we came to the farm of a hand weaver.

A sweet woman with a British accent, who invited me to join a weaving guild (and no, I don’t know how to weave…yet!), demonstrated inkle weaving. Inkle weaving creates fun trim, like this:

Inside the barn, we were invited to climb a very steep flight of stairs to the weaver’s studio. What a priveledge! Here are some of the sights we saw in the crowded, colorful, and fiber-filled studio.

Outdoors, there were many beautifully woven items for sale.

I greatly admired that bold, plaid, woven throw on the top right!

Among the demonstrators was this woman with her very old looking spinning wheel.

This woman taught my friend's daughter how to weave. She must've spent about 10 minutes squatting down and weaving with her...so sweet!

A sheep watched from the shadows as we moved on to the next stop on the tour.

At the next farm, spinning lessons are offered year round.  But during the Wool Arts Tour, quick lessons are given for free in this wonderful studio!

My friend's older daughter was most excited for the opportunity to learn to spin!  I warned her that I found it a bit challenging when I tried a couple of years ago on the tour.  The combination of the up-and-down foot motion with the pushing-pulling hand motion was a little like rubbing your tummy and patting your head.  But in no time at all she was spinning beautifully!

A lovely day of fall foliage, fiber, and friends!

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