Savory Bundles

Braiding onions to hang is so much fun! And it’s quite simple. You start with three onions, with their tops coming towards you. You braid the tops, just like hair, just twice to get the braid started. Then you add an onion to the middle strand of the grouping, and cross over it with the next one from the outside. Then add another onion to the middle, and so on and so on. Don’t overburden the braid by adding too many. When you get near the top, divide the tops into two parts and tie them in half a knot. Ours now hang in the basement, just waiting to be called to duty.


  1. Braided onion ropes look so homey and beautiful hanging in the pantry. We do our garlic that way as well.

  2. I heartily agree! I grew garlic for the first time this year. However, hard neck garlic grows best in our climate, and that doesn't really braid, so ours is in a basket. BUT, if I could I'd braid it too.


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