The Carrot Harvest

Yesterday was carrot harvesting day! Max and I pulled up a wheelbarrow full of them!

I planted Scarlet Nantes (those are the orange ones) and Cosmic Purple (the red-purple ones). Cosmic Purple because Max saw the seeds at the co-op market and insisted that we plant them this year. He loves carrots!

Carrots basking in the late-afternoon sunshine, after their intial washing outdoors.

The curious shape of carrot mutants is always amusing. We had two that looked like identical pairs of legs (and yet a third set that looked like one leg and a peg leg). But my favorite was this one, that I called some sort of frog creature with tail plummage.

We processed the carrots assembly-line style. I was in charge of thorough washing, peeling (of the orange carrots only, as peeling the Cosmic Purple ones peels off all their purple), root and odd appendage removal. Max then cut them into rounds with the crinkle cutter. Colette was in charge of taking all the rounds and cutting them into similarly shaped pieces. Then I was in charge of blanching and freezing. Clearly we needed a fourth person in the process.

Cosmic Purple carrots look like candy corn when cut!


  1. Unusual and beautiful carrots! They look amazing, don't they? We get such a kick out of the weird and crazy way they mutate and grow sometimes. Great harvest!

  2. Thanks! They taste good too! The Cosmic Purple are particularly sweet. Yum!


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