Well-Dressed Ladies at the Reenactment

This is my last posting from the Revolutionary Reenactment at Old Sturbridge Village. The real reason I went was to do research on 18th century costuming. Here are my favorite gowns/ensembles of the day, with a little commentary.

This was the first reenactor I saw that day. I just loved her gown! I loved the classic beauty of the color combination and the print on her dress.

The back of her gown was pulled up on each side with ribbons, in what is called a “polonaise style”.

A very pretty sleeve on a fancy gown.

I like the clothing of the busy goodwife just as much as that of the fine lady. These were my favorites of the day.

This lovely lady was standing beneath an apple tree and watching the goings-on. Such a pretty picture!

The fabric of this gown reminded me of the red transferware I collect.

I loved the complete coordination of this ensemble…even her hair color harmonizes with the print on the fabric.

This lady’s demure beauty seemed so true to the time period.

A group of reenactors met outside the meetinghouse as they prepared to do a demonstration of “clothing of the working class”. (Although some attired here are not dressed in “working” clothes.) I love the look of this group. Just like stepping back in time.

My favorite gown of the day! (And don’t they make such a handsome couple too?) I loved her gown, not so much because of the print or the color, but because of how it moved. I wished I had a video of it to share with you. Her gown billowed in the most captivating manner…like it was being blown here and there by little puffs of wind solely meant for the purpose of making her look so very fetching. A pretty picture indeed!


  1. Lovely!!
    I'm a fellow re-enactor myself, and I too enjoy the attire of the past.

  2. Excellent! So glad to have you as a reader, Mia!


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