My lunch salad: yellow cherry tomatoes from the farmers’ market sprinkled with salt and a generous amount of freshly cracked pepper, and then drizzled with just a bit of Girard’s Champagne Dressing. Pefection! Yum!

Well-Dressed Ladies at the Reenactment

This is my last posting from the Revolutionary Reenactment at Old Sturbridge Village. The real reason I went was to do research on 18th century costuming. Here are my favorite gowns/ensembles of the day, with a little commentary.

This was the first reenactor I saw that day. I just loved her gown! I loved the classic beauty of the color combination and the print on her dress.

The back of her gown was pulled up on each side with ribbons, in what is called a “polonaise style”.

A very pretty sleeve on a fancy gown.

I like the clothing of the busy goodwife just as much as that of the fine lady. These were my favorites of the day.

This lovely lady was standing beneath an apple tree and watching the goings-on. Such a pretty picture!

The fabric of this gown reminded me of the red transferware I collect.

I loved the complete coordination of this ensemble…even her hair color harmonizes with the print on the fabric.

This lady’s demure beauty seemed so true to the time period.

A group of reenactors met outside the meetinghouse as they prepared to do a demonstration of “clothing of the working class”. (Although some attired here are not dressed in “working” clothes.) I love the look of this group. Just like stepping back in time.

My favorite gown of the day! (And don’t they make such a handsome couple too?) I loved her gown, not so much because of the print or the color, but because of how it moved. I wished I had a video of it to share with you. Her gown billowed in the most captivating manner…like it was being blown here and there by little puffs of wind solely meant for the purpose of making her look so very fetching. A pretty picture indeed!

Harvest and Turkeys

It’s a bit early to be talking harvest and turkeys, I agree. But in the Etsy world, seasons and holidays start early. So I added a set of note cards I call “Harvest Time” to the shop today.

Soon to be listed is a set of ”Turkey” cards. Colette helps me think up titles for my pictures before I list them. This one she called “Calvin, the heritage breed turkey”. Later we thought we should’ve called it “They hired me for my looks”.

This girl she called “Main Course".

And together we decided on “Hiding Out” as a title for this one.

Sabbath Rest

-a cup of tea in honor of Tasha Tudor's birthday-
"Even the wind and the sea obey Him."

--Mark 4:41

Other Sorts of Preparations

Feeling pretty adequately prepared at our house for the coming weather, I turned my attention to items on my mental to-do list for the next couple of weeks and how they might be affected by the hurricane.

Corn came to mind. I’ve had plans to buy, blanche, and freeze enough corn to last us a year. Since I don’t have much experience growing corn, it’s hard for me to say how the local corn crop might be affected by lots of rain and high winds. But it seemed prudent to at least make a dent in my intentions. I stopped at a farm stand today and purchased 50 ears of corn. Sitting on the deck and shucking the corn in the dwindling sunlight tonight, it was hard to imagine a storm is coming.

Corn blanching. I got a dozen meals worth from the 50 ears.

Flowers, specifically flowers in January, were also on my mind. In a nearby town, there is a farm with u-pick flowers. This particular farm grows several different types of flowers that dry well. I’ve been meaning to get over there and pick flowers to dry, so I can make some simple flower arrangements of everlastings to add bright spots to our home in the middle of winter. I also picked up some flowers for centerpieces, because we’re having guests for dinner tomorrow night.

These beautiful pink and apple-green zinnias and the pale apple-green cockscomb, plus a few white-yellow dahlias will be our dinner centerpieces, arranged in Ball canning jars.

In addition to more conventional everlastings, I bought a quantity of cockscomb. I just love their velvety texture!

They are all hanging, with some statice I already had, and drying in the laundry/sewing room.

I know, come January, I’m going to be really glad I went flower picking today!


The talk is all about Hurricane Irene heading toward New England.  The grocery store was very busy today.  I shopped, but I always do on Thursdays.  We stocked up on batteries.  Got candles and matches.  Got food, water, and chocolate.  Bought a rain gauge.

The onions had been curing for the last three days.  Today was the storm before the storm, so they all had to come inside.  I think they're in to stay...all 142 of them!

Music at the Reenactment

Must confess that the sound of fife and drum just thrills me!  It's music to draw one in, following the sound to find its source.  I followed it all around the day of the reenactment at Old Sturbridge Village.  It delighted me at every turn.

Blueberry Cobbler

Summer's goodness in every bite!

Mix blueberries with brown sugar and cinnamon and a bit of lemon juice or zest, if desired. To really increase the deliciousness of the topping, use buttermilk as your liquid, and sprinkle liberally with raw sugar for a sweet crunchiness. Serve hot from the oven with vanilla ice cream, and you’ll make your family very happy!

Sabbath Rest

Evidence that autumn is just around the corner.
Better is a day in your courts
than a thousand elsewhere;
I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God
than dwell in the tents of the wicked.
For the Lord God is a sun and shield;
the Lord bestows favor and honor;
no good thing does He withhold
from those whose walk is blameless.

LORD Almighty,
blessed is the one who trusts in you.

--Psalm 84:10-12


“Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, who were good little bunnies, went down the lane to gather blackberries.” - The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Yesterday, Max and I went down the lane to gather blackberries. The vines were positively heavy with berries!

Most weren’t ripe yet.

Some were half-way there.

And some were ripe for the picking!

We picked ten pints!

Today, I put my new Sauce Master to work. You feed the blackberries in at the top, turn the crank, and it separates out all the seeds for you.

I got about eight cups of pulpy blackberry goodness, which yielded thirteen jars of jam!  Seedless blackberry jam makes Technohubby very happy!

Autumn Photo Note Cards in the Shop

I've been busy putting autumn-themed note card sets in the shop this week.

There are two sets with an autumn farmers' market theme.  Here's one image from Set I.  I call it "Twisted Gourds".

And one image from Set II:

And there are two sets called "Autumn in New England.  An image from Set I:

And in Set II, there is this photo of the street art scarecrows that appear on the sidewalks of Portsmouth, NH each fall.  I asked Colette what I should call it, and I suggested, "Scarecrows with Long Fingers?" and ""Scarecrows and Chimneys?"  But she studied it for about 10 seconds and said emphatically, "Jack in the City."  I love her style!  So "Jack in the City" it is!

Food, Glorious Food, at the Reenactment

This year, when I went to the reenactment, I never even watched the battle. I was too captivated by the other doings. I took time to visit every area where tents were set up. The reenactors actually camp out in these tents for the whole weekend. All meals are cooked authentically…over an open fire. Such beauty in the simple purity of the food. No cans of cream of chicken soup. No Oreos. Just good, clean food.

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