Magnum Opus

"Templeton vanished into the shadows while Charlotte went back to work. As it grew dark, fireworks appeared in the night sky, as Charlotte worked and worked creating her new HUMBLE web for Wilbur. the next morning, Wilbur saw the new web and a curious object next to Charlotte. It was a sort of sac or cocoon. It was peach-coloured and looked as though it were made of cotton candy.
Wilbur: Are you awake, Charlotte?
Charlotte: Yes.
Wilbur: What's that?.
Charlotte: This is my egg sac, my magnum opus, my great work..."

Although it's certainly not as personal to me as the egg sac was to Charlotte, I have a magnum opus growing in the garden this summer!  Everytime I go out to check on it, the size seems to have increased by a third!  It's magnificient! 

It's a Boston Marrow squash!  I was prompted to grow them, after hearing in a gardening seminar, that most of the canned pumpkin you buy at the grocery stores is actually Boston Marrow squash.  This one is about 15" long and as big around as a large dinner plate!  Here it is in relation to my 2" wide camera lens cap.

it's a beauty!


  1. One big ol' squash! The pumpkin fact was, wonder why that may be? Does the US not grow enough pumpkins?

  2. The gardening seminar I took was at Old Sturbridge Village, and (if my memory serves me correctly) the interpreter said that "pumpkin" used to be a term that meant "any squash good for a pie". So your canned pumpkin is probably something other than actual pumpkin (as we commonly think of it now), but IS pumpkin (in the historic sense).


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