Luscious Summer Fruit Salad

Some evenings, when I’m running late getting dinner on the table, I grab one apple, one banana, and one orange…chop them all up, mix them in a bowl, and serve it as a simple fruit salad. But sometimes I pull out all the stops when making fruit salad.

To make a really luscious fruit salad, using those fabulous fruits of summer, here are some tips:

–nothing that turns color…no apples, no pears, no bananas, no peaches

–fresh pineapple (Absolutely essential! I used one whole pineapple in this salad. It’s just down at the bottom of the bowl.)

–something green (ideally kiwi, but green seedless grapes will do)

–make sure everything is cut in bite-size pieces

–pit cherries and slice in half

–no melon (Melon makes everything else taste like melon.)

lots of berries

–blot dry the fruits that will bleed color all over the other fruits (cherries and red plums will do this)

–color, color, color! (Use as many different color fruits as you can.)

This is a great pack-and-go fruit salad. Just chop all the fruit and put each type of fruit in its own Ziploc bag. When it’s picnic time, just open and dump the bags into your serving bowl and serve. It will taste wonderfully fresh, because all the fruits have not had a chance ot start to taste like one another.

I love summer’s luscious fruits!


  1. Wow. I always stay away from making fruit salads for all the reasons you say to stay away from certain fruits. I just didn't realize it. Thank You. This looks delicious.


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