Delightful Visit - Part II

More scenes from our recent touring with our visiting friends...

We toured America's oldest family farm.

Sadly, although it has been in the same family since 1632, the farm is for sale.  It was decidedly lacking in crops.

We visited a winery and had a wine tasting.  Their port was amazing...especially with dark chocolate.

The next day our friends wanted to visit some orchards that produce hard cider.  The views stretched for miles and the cider was quite tasty.

We passed some time at the Vermont Country Store, exploring the old, the tasty, and the wacky, as well as quiet time on their front porch.

The next day was the birthday of one of our guests.  We fulfilled her wish to " something adventurous.." by going hiking.

Then it was down the hill for a birthday dinner of pasta with garlic-cream sauce and grilled chicken, birthday cake, and late night fun with sparklers.  (In case you're wondering how I shot these pictures, I just set my camera on night mode and held very still.  People ran around and waved their sparklers, and this is what I captured.)  Very fun!

It was a great visit...all too short...but fabulous!  Gosh, I love these people!

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