Delightful Visit

If you see a sight like this in our front entry, it's a sure thing that friends from the west coast are here for a visit!  Gosh, I love these people!

They are THE BEST guests cheerful, great conversationalists, fun-loving, adventurous.  AND we all love the Lord!  Can't get any better than that for a week of fellowship!

First stop was the beach, which just happened to be having a sand castle building competition.

Our guests enjoyed discovering that the east coast beaches have nice, smooth rocks to collect, as well as shells.

A contra dance was a delightful treat, since we often danced with these friends when we lived on the west coast.  Our friend even jumped in and joined the band for one song.

They were eager customers are Colette's farmers' market stand.

We toured an historic water-powered mill that makes dry measures, piggins, and Shaker boxes.

Technohubby and I (shown here) and our friends enjoyed a lovely dinner at an old New England Inn (c. 1789), and a slow stroll and some great conversation on the gravel sidewalks of the charming town afterwards.

More pictures coming tomorrow.

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