Beauty and the Baguette

Last weekend, Colette took a class entitled “Beauty and the Baguette” at the King Arthur Flour Baking Education Center.  The class’ specific goal was to teach how to make beautiful baguettes in your home oven.

This was her classroom for four hours. I knew she would love it as soon as we walked in. She had her own little wooden countertopped work station complete with all the measuring cups, spoons, scale, etc. that she would need.  Colette’s a hands-on kind of learner, and if she just had to sit and listen to someone tell her how to make baguettes, she’d be bored stiff. But…oh the joy of having everything to keep her hands busy! (I did not take the class with her, but someday I’d like to take their brick oven baking class and get to use that giant brick oven over there in the corner.)

While she was in class, I went antiquing nearby, explored a fabric store, and enjoyed exploring the King Arthur Store.  It was full of all kinds of wonderful things: aprons, wooden spoons and cutting boards, whisks, cookbooks, and more.

Naturally, the bakery had to be explored.  We highly recommend their raspberry bars and their brownies.

Four hours later, she emerged smiling and bearing baguettes!  Wow!  That girl can bake!  But then I already knew that.

She chattered happily nearly the whole way home in a seemingly foreign language. She now talks about poolish and fougasse and bread having ears!

Looks good and tastes even better!


  1. Her bread looks amazing! I have always wanted to take a class there:-)

  2. Thanks! What a thrill to see a comment from you! Been a crazy night in our region, and I was worried about you. Praises be to God we're all safe!

  3. You always share the best trips and photos! Gosh that looks like fun!

  4. Thanks, Kathy! Colette had SO much fun and just can't wait to go back and learn more sometime.


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