Summer Books

Summer is just around the corner, and I always try to have some books to read on hand.  Thus far, this is what I've gathered for education, inspiration, and practical use:

The Kitchen Gardener's Handbook - A book full of kitchen garden delights, landscaping inspiration, and tasty, seasonal recipes.
Your Kitchen Garden - an older book that was a real find at a local antique store.  Planning on researching some tips on growing produce I don't normally grow.
Fruitless Fall - a book long on my "must read" list on the topic of colony colapse.
Simply in Season - a book simply chock full of seasonal recipes.  I must confess to not enjoying cookbooks without beautiful photography.  However, this one has me completely enthralled with its amazing sounding recipes!  Hope to do lots of cooking from this book this summer.

Now I must find an old, British novel, and I think I'll be all set for long summer afternoons by the lake.

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