Life's Delicious Pleasures

Yesterday, we headed to the coastline to treat my in-laws to some sunny weather.

They've been here for a week and this was the first prolonged sun sighting we'd had.  They come from a sunny place and were feeling a bit lacking in vitamin D.  And a trip to the coast is a great opportunity to scout out an, as of yet unknown to us, ice cream stand.

This place boasts of 78 flavors of ice cream!  Decisions, decisions...

"Death by Chocolate", we were told, contains chocolate in seven different ways: ice cream, fudge sauce, brownie, etc.

Colette found it amazing!


  1. What a yummy adventure... I love the look on Colette's face!

  2. Yes, the look on her face just perfectly captures her supreme delight at the chocolate-ness of the ice cream!


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