Fresh, Green - Seedlings

Down in the basement, at my seed starting table, the seeds have sprouted and been transplanted to larger pots.  Everything is coming along just fine.  It's all green and tendrils.  The basement smells of soil.


The garden is tilled.  Hardening off will start for some of these guys soon.  I love gardening time!


  1. Slightly scary that your seedlings are so far ahead of mine when I live hundreds of miles to your south! We're in a new house this year, so as long as the tomatoes and basil survive in our late-started garden I'll be delighted.

  2. Well, don't be too intimidated. Since I have only one light for them, I have to do them in batches. These were the first. Others are still under the light, and still others haven't yet been started.

    I hope all your crops do well...especially the tomatoes and basil. I don't think it can be summer without them!


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