A Day at the Cape and Plimoth Plantation

Meeting a friend who is vacationing at Cape Cod, we headed to Plimoth Plantation for the day.  Plimoth Plantation is a living history museum recreating the Pilgrim settlement in Massachusetts. The reenactors who work there portray, most excellently, those who traveled aboard the Mayflower and subsequent ships.

The weather was just as the weatherman had predicted “…in the low-60′s, but feeling like the low-50′s”.  I was glad for my scarf and boiled wool jacket.  It was cold and cloudy and the wind was howling so constantly, that Colette asked me, “Is that sound the wind, or the ocean?”  But the backdrop of the stormy clouds made the new, spring grass seem all the greener.

Some scenes from the Pilgrim settlement:

I had a nice chat with one of the Plantation's seamstresses.  She was doing some handstitching on a garment in the hands-on craft demonstration center.  She is one of only two seamstresses who do all the sewing for 60 reenactors.  Whew!  She told me that the inner seams are sewn on a sewing machine, but any stitching that would show from the outside is stitched by hand.

After a delightful dinner and warm hugs goodbye, we parted from our dear friend.  Leaving, we passed this beautiful scene of the sun setting in the west and a cranberry bog in the foreground (to the left of the barn).


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  1. Fun to see this pictures - visiting Plimoth Plantation as a six-year-old is one of my clearest childhood memories. Hopefully there will be another visit as an adult at some point.


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