Cheesemaking - Goat Cheese

Cheesemaking was happening in the kitchen today.

It's really just a simple goat cheese recipe.  It's quick and easy.  We used a half-gallon of raw goat's milk from Nubian goats, which we purchased from a local farm.  We heated it to 180 degrees.

While it was busy heating, Colette juiced lemons until we had a 1/2 cup of lemon juice.  This is a simple recipe, so the lemon juice is taking the place of rennet.

She poured the lemon juice into the hot goat's milk and stirred.  The reaction was almost instantaneous.  The curds and whey (translation: milk fat solids and liquid) separated almost immediately.

Colette ladeled it into a cheesecloth-lined colander set over a 2-qt. bowl.  We used four layers of cheesecloth, because this is a simple recipe and we were using simple items (hence no cheesemaker's cheesecloth).

The cheesecloth allowed the whey to run through to the bowl below, while capturing the curds.

When most of the whey had run through, we bundled the cheesecloth up and tied it with a string.  We hung the other end of the string from a kitchen cupboard knob and suspended the hanging ball of cheese and cheesecloth over a bowl, to catch the dripping whey for the next hour.

Then we scraped out all the cheese and mixed in some chopped garlic and some dill and a little cheese salt (well..okay...that's not simple, but you can use regular salt too!).  We had a bowl of delicious, albeit crumbly (this is a simple recipe, afterall) goat cheese.

The flavor is delicious.  So good just topping a cracker!  Next time we'll try it with rennet and see if we can get a creamier texture.  But this was simple and good.


  1. Kate, this is truly "Wonderful"! Such a simple process... thank you for sharing it step-by-step. Sunday blessings to you and yours!

  2. You're most welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope your Sunday was a blessed one too!


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