Cheesemaking - Goat Cheese

Cheesemaking was happening in the kitchen today.

It's really just a simple goat cheese recipe.  It's quick and easy.  We used a half-gallon of raw goat's milk from Nubian goats, which we purchased from a local farm.  We heated it to 180 degrees.

While it was busy heating, Colette juiced lemons until we had a 1/2 cup of lemon juice.  This is a simple recipe, so the lemon juice is taking the place of rennet.

She poured the lemon juice into the hot goat's milk and stirred.  The reaction was almost instantaneous.  The curds and whey (translation: milk fat solids and liquid) separated almost immediately.

Colette ladeled it into a cheesecloth-lined colander set over a 2-qt. bowl.  We used four layers of cheesecloth, because this is a simple recipe and we were using simple items (hence no cheesemaker's cheesecloth).

The cheesecloth allowed the whey to run through to the bowl below, while capturing the curds.

When most of the whey had run through, we bundled the cheesecloth up and tied it with a string.  We hung the other end of the string from a kitchen cupboard knob and suspended the hanging ball of cheese and cheesecloth over a bowl, to catch the dripping whey for the next hour.

Then we scraped out all the cheese and mixed in some chopped garlic and some dill and a little cheese salt (well..okay...that's not simple, but you can use regular salt too!).  We had a bowl of delicious, albeit crumbly (this is a simple recipe, afterall) goat cheese.

The flavor is delicious.  So good just topping a cracker!  Next time we'll try it with rennet and see if we can get a creamier texture.  But this was simple and good.

Colette Finishes

Today, Colette finished high school! She is thrilled! A celebration dinner at the Cheesecake Factory will be forthcoming! She has plans to continue her baking and farmers’ market booth, take classes in her areas of interest, and work on her homekeeping skills with me. We are so proud of her!

(That dress she’s wearing?…well, it was once made and worn by her Grandma! It’s ivory wool. The workmanship is exquisite!)

Life's Delicious Pleasures

Yesterday, we headed to the coastline to treat my in-laws to some sunny weather.

They've been here for a week and this was the first prolonged sun sighting we'd had.  They come from a sunny place and were feeling a bit lacking in vitamin D.  And a trip to the coast is a great opportunity to scout out an, as of yet unknown to us, ice cream stand.

This place boasts of 78 flavors of ice cream!  Decisions, decisions...

"Death by Chocolate", we were told, contains chocolate in seven different ways: ice cream, fudge sauce, brownie, etc.

Colette found it amazing!

Fishing Season Has Begun

The weather was warmer. The days are longer. And sporting new fishing equipment from Grandpa and Grandma (gifts from Christmas and his birthday), Max took to the woods last week. Wandering to the shores of the pond, he spent the late afternoon fishing, only to emerge from the woods disappointed and empty handed…but just in time for dinner!

But a few days later I took him to the lake in a neighboring town, and he caught a 14″ catfish!

A Day at the Cape and Plimoth Plantation

Meeting a friend who is vacationing at Cape Cod, we headed to Plimoth Plantation for the day.  Plimoth Plantation is a living history museum recreating the Pilgrim settlement in Massachusetts. The reenactors who work there portray, most excellently, those who traveled aboard the Mayflower and subsequent ships.

The weather was just as the weatherman had predicted “…in the low-60′s, but feeling like the low-50′s”.  I was glad for my scarf and boiled wool jacket.  It was cold and cloudy and the wind was howling so constantly, that Colette asked me, “Is that sound the wind, or the ocean?”  But the backdrop of the stormy clouds made the new, spring grass seem all the greener.

Some scenes from the Pilgrim settlement:

I had a nice chat with one of the Plantation's seamstresses.  She was doing some handstitching on a garment in the hands-on craft demonstration center.  She is one of only two seamstresses who do all the sewing for 60 reenactors.  Whew!  She told me that the inner seams are sewn on a sewing machine, but any stitching that would show from the outside is stitched by hand.

After a delightful dinner and warm hugs goodbye, we parted from our dear friend.  Leaving, we passed this beautiful scene of the sun setting in the west and a cranberry bog in the foreground (to the left of the barn).


A Mother's Day Stroll

We're actually celebrating Mother's Day this Thursday, but on Sunday we went for a lovely stroll around a coastal town.  Here's a glimpse at what we saw as we strolled.

It was a lovely day!

Fresh and Local Lunch

For science this year, Colette's been studying "food science".  She just finished reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.  To keep it all fresh on her tongue mind, I took her out to lunch at a local restaurant that features a fresh, local, and seasonal menu.  A chalkboard in the entry noted the local farms from whom they get their food...for produce, cheeses, pasta, and more.

Cuttings from my favorite bulbs were on the table.

The menu was quite extensive and everything sounded soooo tempting.  In the end, Colette chose a caesar salad with all natural chicken.  Vintage Vera scarf?  Gift from a dear friend who knew Colette would be just the girl to appreciate it.

And I chose the Apple Salad with: baby spinach, local apples, roasted apples, candied walnuts, cranberries, and goat cheese, served with Poached Apple Dressing.  Wow!  Delicious!

We’re definitely going back to that restaurant!
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