New & Improved Laundry/Sewing Room

For Christmas last year, Technohubby's gift to me was the promise of shelves installed in the laundry/sewing room.  And this week they went up!  This process involved moving everything out of the room, so there was room to work, and then putting everything back in (that was the fun part!). I could not possibly be more thrilled!  They look so much better than I ever even thought they would…and I thought they’d look great!  They have all that lovely, useful, domestic, period look that I adore!  Actually, they’re quite historically acurate because the design for them was taken from shelves in the kitchen of the Peyton Randolph House in Colonial Williamsburg.  (Peyton Randolph was Thomas Jefferson’s cousin.)  So here’s a tour of the new and improved sewing/laundry room!

Here's a closer look at the shelves.  All those baskets and boxes contain sewing notions, ribbons, patterns, and more.

All my antique canning jars full of thread have found a home.

I actually have space to work at my sewing table now!

All my sewing essentials are within arm's reach now.  Well...maybe it needs a little box full of a chocolate stash.  Must add that!

Looking back at the shelves from the sewing table:

And on another wall, I have Shaker peg railing that holds all our cleaning items: brooms, feather dusters, dust pan, fly swatter, and bucket.  I can see why the Shakers loved this peg railing so much!  Functions beautifully!  Incidently, that little silver bucket is a "leakproof" paint bucket from Home Depot (cost less than $5), and is so handy.  Perfect for mixing up a bucket of warm, soapy water for scrubbing something dirty.  Highly recommend!

I love my new space!  Makes me want to sew even more!


  1. how beautiful and tidy! Enjoy the creative sparkings...

    deb meyers

  2. Thanks! I am enjoying them to the fullest!

  3. Kate, it's wonderful! I absolutely love those shelves and the peg rail. And I really like the chocolate stash idea--I'm going to use that one myself :)

  4. Thanks so much! Happy chocolate munching/sewing!


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