Triple-Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake

For Easter I made Triple-Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake.  Delicious!  You can read the recipe here.  One of the aspects of this recipe that I liked the most was the beautiful yellow and blue that delighted the eyes at every step.

A full cup of blueberries in each of the three layers!  Be still my heart!  And the frosting is ooohhhh so light and fluffy!  Amazing!


Egg dyeing.

Baby cuddling.

Target practice shooting in the woods.  Part of every Easter celebration, right?  Uh...yeah.

Freshly sauteed leeks spread on the Potato Leek Gratin.  Recipe can be found here.  You'll want it!  it's delicious!

The table was set for springtime and feasting.

I hope those you love were gathered about your table, and that joy for the debt paid by Him on your behalf filled your heart this Eastertide.

Easter Menu

Planning and forethought have gone into Easter actual work yet, other than grocery shopping.  Work will come later, but this is the plan.


Quiche with farm fresh eggs, asparagus, and Vermont cheddar
fresh strawberries
croissants with butter and homemade jams
orange juice


honey glazed ham
roasted red potatoes with chives (from last summer's garden), sea salt, and pepper
leek gratin
hard-boiled eggs
fresh fruit salad
homemade dinner rolls
Lemon-Blueberry Layer Cake

Birthday Celebration

A birthday celebration for Felicity today!  The menu for the celebratory dinner was: pasta with grilled chicken in a garlic-cheese-cream sauce, ceasar salads, baguette, and Chianti.

Presents were wrapped in pretty, gentle, springtime colors.

God provided a lovely blue-pink sunset.

Chocolate cake with a filling of fresh raspberries and chocolate ganache, made with much love by Colette for her sister.  Zippy, striped candles added the finishing touch.

And the last candle goes out.

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