Trip To California

Colette and I have returned from a delightful trip to California.  She was invited out to stay with friends and attend a very special event.  So we made it a trip for the two of us, a senior trip for her, and a chance to visit family and friends, to eat, and to shop!

One aspect of living in California that we really miss is food.  We have great food in New England.  But, oh how we crave In-n-Out burgers, authentic Mexican food, and Los Rios' fresh pressed apple cider!  (News flash for New Englanders: barbecue sauce does not belong on Mexican food.  Really!  And neither does Vermont cheddar.) Weeks prior to going back to California our imaginations run wild with thoughts of all the foods we will eat our fill of while there.  And we did!  And it was grand, simply grand!!!

Colette discovered a new, favorite shop.  Here she found whole racks of 1950's dresses, scarves, shoes, coats, and of course, hats.  She bought herself a red one.

Our friends shared with us a new bakery that has opened since we moved, The Cupcakery.  Calorie watchers, be warned!  Decadence in every bite!  The place was all-over Colette, with its vintage-theme and Audrey Hepburn pictures adorning the walls.

What a relief Colette came dressed for the occassion!

I had a Chocolate Bordeaux cupcake (closer to the camera) and she had a confection known as King Chocolate.  Need I say more?

Then our friends' daughter, looking like a luscious, sunkissed apricot in her little dress, led the way to Italian sodas.

The weather was unseasonably warm, even by California standards.  We were sweltering!  But, I did enjoy dining al fresco with a friend and this delightful salad: mixed field greens, pears, candied walnuts, bleu cheese, and a champagne dressing.  Mmmm.  I see this on our family's dinner table some night (with some chicken tossed in to please the guys).

On our last night in California, Colette had some fun in my brother's backyard.

But mostly she spent the trip with our friends on their farm.  There's a happy girl!

And she and her friends spent hours and hours preparing for "the big event".  More on that in my next posting!

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